Collaboration Works!

I enjoy working with various companies and brands. We can push your message out and increase your reach with targeted programs.

Here are a few ideas of ways we can collaborate. If you have other ideas, feel free to contact me by email (

Travel Reviews:

We are available for travel and to meet with CVB representatives. During these trips, we explore first and then post our experiences and insights on Crochet Getaway.

Local yarn shops, retreat destinations, and crafting venues are ideal for travel reviews.

Please contact us if you’re interested in having us travel to your destination and giving it a thorough review on the blog. We will work with you to ensure the travel review is aligned with your brand and positioned to attract the right customers to your business.

Yarn Crawls:

Are you looking for daily social media for your Yarn Crawl? Would a feature article on the website benefit your team by bringing in more crawling shoppers? Generally, six months advance planning is sufficient. Contact us early to work through the details. (Pre-crawl articles can be provided…we make the crawl three to six months before the crawl dates and promote your event until the crawl date). I love to “crawl.”

Let’s work together on some advance promotions and social media buzz to generate active shoppers for your next crawl event.

Travel Review/Press Trips:

In addition to our blogging activity, we are freelance travel writers. We can pack a travel bag in less than 30 minutes!

As travel writers, we love to experience destinations with a rich history, small and offbeat museums, and light-to-medium adventure experiences. 

For more information about our travel writing and travel photography services, see the  – Gwyn Goodrow Freelance Writer Facebook page,  my writing website, or google our names.

Ad and Marketing Videos:

Take a look at these short video clipsas an economical avenue for promoting your message.  Ask me about affordable promotional packages with social media consulting and a set of three 60-second videos.

Brand Ambassador Programs:

Need help with social media or developing your website/blog?  We can help.  Let us know what you need, and we’ll provide a quote and details on how we can help.

Really, anything that you see us doing with our websites and social media, we can help you with your business branding. Let’s work together on an ambassador program for your brand!


We’re offering sponsored posts on the site. The offering is Crochet Getaway’s Yarn Business Breakthrough and is available for purchase through this link. Have questions? Let’s talk!