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The Crochet Getaway Purpose:

The mission of Crochet Getaway is to inspire, educate, and connect the global crochet community while fostering a sense of adventure and creativity through crochet.

Our blog is a haven for crochet enthusiasts and travel lovers, where I share the joy of exploration, mindful relaxation, and the art of crochet.

Through engaging content, helpful resources, and a shared passion for this craft, I aim to create a vibrant space that celebrates the therapeutic and artistic aspects of crochet and encourages you to crochet your way to serenity.

Here’s the project tracker you’ve been searching for:

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Print it and write on a separate page for each project. Use as a fillable .pdf file on a device if you prefer.

The Blog

Welcome to Crochet Getaway, a supportive community for crocheters at all skill levels, yarn crawl lovers, and local yarn shops. I love fun crochet escapades. Let’s go!

  • Ready to Wrap? How To Make Your Crocheted Gifts Sparkle
    Creative gift-wrapping ideas elevate the giving experience. It’s no secret that handmade gifts are often the most cherished. After all, they’re made with love! But what if you could make crocheted and other handmade gifts look even more appealing without compromising the handmade touch? Well, you’re in luck—Here are some fabulous holiday gift-wrapping tips on…
  • Download the Crochet Project Tracker from
    Ready to take your crochet projects to the next level? Download your free Crochet Project Tracker with the helpful instructions document. Then, embark on a journey of creativity, organization, and endless crafting joy – your yarn-filled adventures await!
  • The Fascinating World of Yarn Crawls
    Are you wondering, “What is a yarn crawl?” Wonder no longer. Yarn crawls are the ultimate delight for any knitting or crocheting enthusiast. They are sometimes marketed as a “yarn hop” instead of a crawl. Whether you’re new to this experience or looking to make the most of your next adventure, you’re in the right…
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    Write for Us – Crochet Getaway Yes! You can write for us at and get paid! Thank you for your interest in our writer guidelines for Crochet Getaway ( Crochet Getaway launched on March 12, 2015. As we move into Year 9, I am looking for freelance writers to assist with content. I’m currently…
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    Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting started on your crochet journey, having the right crochet tools and accessories at your disposal can make all the difference in bringing your visions to life. As any dedicated crocheter knows, the world of yarn and hooks is a vast and exciting one, teeming with endless possibilities…
  • The Crochet Girl Adventures On The Go
    Are you ready to come along in the Crochet Girl Adventures book series? The Crochet Girl has packed her bags and is off for her next adventure. Join us now and travel the world while learning crochet techniques with friends everywhere. Crocheting has the remarkable ability to build a worldwide community. The art of looping…
  • Crochet Retreat Directory for Unique Yarn Adventures
    Attention: Crochet Retreat Venue Owners Would you like to have your crochet retreat venue or destination listed on this page? Are you interested in a feature article with links to your booking site? Send a note through the contact form at the bottom of this page with information about your location, and I’ll create a…
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    Are You Ready for a Yarn Crawl Adventure? We’re diving into the enchanting world of yarn crawl events, a trend that’s taking the crafting community by storm. Imagine a day filled with vibrant colors, the softest textures, and the soothing rhythm of your favorite pastime – crochet. Fellow yarn enthusiasts surround you as you explore…
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    Are you searching for last-minute crochet gifts for Christmas? Well, search no more! As the holiday season draws near, finding the perfect last-minute Christmas gifts can often feel like an adventurous quest deep inside a video game. This year, you can take a stress-free journey through the world of handmade wonders in the Etsy online…

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