What We Love


The community of writers gathered together for another Community Book Project entitled What We Love. It’s a collection of more than100 essays celebrating reflections on love.

My essay is titled Treasuring the Essence of Life and I wrote about finding a childhood journal and how journaling brings out the best of my travels. While a picture can demonstrate a thousand words, my words in a journal capture the special conversations, fragrances, and noises that are beyond the view of the camera.  My story is a reflection on my love of writing and how special the journals have become through the years. This blog is another labor of love, essentially an online journal to share with my friends…like you! These stories of love are a collection of heart-warming and joyful essays.  You can purchase this book “What We Love” from Amazon, then pick up the complimentary Love Journal at the bottom of this page.

When I’m not crocheting, I’m usually writing or playing with graphic designs…for me, there is always a creative project nearby. My life is also very fluid as I move from one project to another. On this page, I’m sharing my ebooks and free printables with my crochet friends. You can learn more about my writing at www.gwyngoodrow.com and more about my travel blog at www.CabinsOrCastles.com

A Gift of Gratitude


I’m delighted to share my newest book about gratitude! It’s a collection of more than100 essays celebrating the concept of gratitude.

My essay is titled The Healing Power of Crochet and I wrote about a difficult time in my life when I crocheted my way from pain to healing after a sudden brain injury. I could write a hundred stories about my personal blessings and gratitude but chose this topic for the collection because I’ve just recently passed the date marker for eighteen years since the tumble. My story is a reflection on both physical and mental recovery, with crochet projects always nearby. There are other essays in the book that will make you smile and maybe even shed a gentle tear. They are sure to inspire you, too. You can purchase this book “A Gift of Gratitude” from Amazon here:

Community Book Project

Everyday Joy

EVERYDAY JOY is the next edition in The Community Book Project series, where people come together to submit essays on a particular theme.

This Everyday Joy eBook is a collection of inspirational true stories about ordinary people’s lives and how we embrace small (and large) joy moments. The stories celebrate special everyday joy moments about pets, nature, travel, family, and even food.

My contribution is “Early Morning Blessings” which appears at the 30% marker on my Kindle Reader. The eBook is an exclusive product offering on Amazon. It’s free on Kindle Unlimited or $.99 as a Kindle purchase.

Our group of 98 writers joined together for a weekend of writing, using technology for global collaboration during this intensive process for developing our community book. Under the leadership of Donna Kozik, we’re delighted to share with you the results of our collective efforts: the inspirational essays, narratives, and insights.

The intention of this book is to empower you, uplift you, and inspire you to see the abundant joy in your life.

Thank you for reading—and celebrating—everyday joy!

Best Selling Author

Gwyn Goodrow

As I child, I read and re-read my grandmother’s dog-eared collection of National Geographic Magazines, with the big, bold, beautiful photos. Gigantic maps stretched across the floor with the markings of lakes and mountains. Strange words identified the villages, towns, and cities of far-away lands. My grandmother, a retired teacher, asked questions after I finished reading each article and taught me to think about the impacts of geography on world cultures.

The time I spent with my grandmother certainly influenced my love for travel and my interest in seeing the places that I’ve read about.

Other Books

Download now to receive a complimentary Love Journal to accompany the eBook What We Love.

#1 Amazon Best Seller

This Community Book Project rocketed to #1 in the Amazon category for Time Management. It’s jam-packed with touching stories of how daily joy enriches our lives. 

Companion Journal

Download this free printable journal to experience your own everyday joy and join the surge of thankfulness and gratitude that is changing lives every day!

With a demanding full-time career, how do I ever find the time for writing? All of my secrets and struggles are revealed in this eBook about morning routines. My struggles were real but conquered with the program that I provide in this ebook and companion worksheets.

Anytime is beach time! Enjoy your beach moments with this set of printables. The theme is seashells with some jewel tones reminiscent of the sea. Ocean life is a happy life. This is a free printable set of pages. Download now!

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