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Newsletter #2 – October 14, 2017

Just popping into your inbox with a newsletter style update…
Crochet Getaway escapades are underway for fall!

Hello! and Welcome! I actually did it – Newsletter #1 was a success and here we have (drum roll, please) …Newsletter #2…There is so much happening in the crochet world and our crochet getaway team is right in the middle of it all. I’m so excited that we’re connecting as a community of crochet enthusiasts.

CGOA Chain Link Conference

Who attended the CGOA conference in Chicago? I’d love to hear about your experience. I wasn’t able to attend this year but had a BLAST at CGOA 2015 in San Diego and CGOA 2106 in Charleston.

Editor’s note – The CGOA Chain Link Conference for 2018 will be in Portland Oregon.

I even made a little YouTube Video recap of the 2015 event. Click here! The link will shift you over to YouTube’s site.

The video about the 2016 event is “coming soon” – Yes, every time I start working on it, procrastination jumps in and takes over my day (can I hear an “amen” anyone?)

Crochet Getaway Resource Library

NEWS: On the Crochet Getaway website, I have a small library where I keep free stuff for my readers. There’s not much there yet – only a couple of items – but I’m figuring it out as I go.

The CROCHET GETAWAY Library is seeking contributions! Would you like some free publicity? Reach out and let’s collaborate!

Take Me to Crochet Getaway for some Free Downloads!

I’m Inspired

Your responses to my first newsletter were so inspirational for me! Thank you for being who you are and such a warm and loving community of crocheters. As I promised, I’ll reach out occasionally to let you know about destinations, crochet events, and deals!

What’s happening on the Crochet Getaway Blog

This week, however, I want to introduce you to two new writers for the Crochet Getaway site and our latest blog posts:

First, a writer…Crochet Getaway welcomes Deborah S. Greenhut as a contributor to Crochet Getaway! Deborah recently visited the New Jersy Sheep & Fiber Festival. This article reviews the event and goes a leap forward with some great insider travel tips for visiting the area. Deborah blog at her website, Beyond-Beige and publishes Kindle travel picture books for children on Amazon under her own imprint, Granny on the Road Books.

Now a blog post…I posted an update article about a favorite yarn shop in New Orleans, Louisiana. It’s The Quarter Stitch, right there in the French Quarter and only a block or so from Jackson Square. If you love crafting (as I do) there’s another shop nearby that caught my attention from the outside and captured my heart when I spent some time visiting with Rhonda Rose and Mrs. Bentley at the Louisiana Loom Works, home of stunningly beautiful rag rugs – handcrafted and delivered globally.

And, another new writer…We welcome Amy Piper to the Crochet Getaway team. As a guest contributor, Amy tells us all about her visit to Stitch in Time, in Howell, Michigan. Amy and I recently attended a writing conference together and I’m delighted that she’s working with us on some fun and exciting projects for the crochet getaway subscribers. You’ll love to follow her adventures on her blog:

The Wrap-Up


I’m still collecting feedback on an email schedule yet and would love your input. I’ll probably come into your inbox once or twice per month but with valuable information every time. Do you prefer weekend emails or certain days of the week? What works best for you?

Tell me about your favorite crochet events! I want to hear all about it!

Warmest (crochet) wishes…Gwyn

Crochet Getaway Newsletter #2

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