The Quarter Stitch-New Orleans

New Orleans is a fascinating city and is a local getaway from my hometown!  This historic American city is truly a representation of the cultural melting pot of food, music, and geographic influences. The city is known fondly as The Big Easy – don’t you feel relaxed already?

NOLA French Quarter street scene


Central to the culture of the city is The French Quarter, also known as Vieux Carré.  We’re talking about the city district here, not the Tennessee Williams play by the same name and not the drink made famous at Hotel Monteleone.

This French Quarter area is the crescent in the Mississippi River, or that deep curve when looking at a map.  This is also New Orleans’ oldest neighborhood and has been a favorite location for artisans through the years.  The French Quarter architecture is an eclectic collage of Spanish, French, Creole and American influences. The cast iron balconies are one feature of the homes and shops in this area, making it a unique style for this southern city. Shutters for the windows serve a very practical purpose when storms arrive but are colorful on a sunny day as seen in the photo.

the quarter stitch, New Orleans


Our crochet getaway LYS find for today is The Quarter Stitch.

True southern hospitality and a variety of yarns to fill your stash!

What’s your experience with The Quarter Stitch in New Orleans? Leave a review below.






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