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Knitting Rose Yarns – Local Yarn Shop Review

As I travel, I look for places to include in a local yarn shop review.  Sometimes, I find these shops at trade show events, seminars, and fiber festivals.  A quick interview and a bit of shopping provide me with quality information to share with my blog readers.  Enjoy this quick summary of a virtual storefront.

Local Yarn Shop Reviews – Knitting Rose Yarns

I had the opportunity to meet Lise at the Magnolia State Fiber Festival and these yarns are just beautiful!  The colors are stunning and color options are diverse.  Click Here to see more at the Knitting Rose Yarn online store.

Knitting Rose Yarns

Magnolia State Fiber Festival-Knitting Rose Yarns

Knitting Rose Yarns

Never underestimate the power of PINK


This pink yarn was just so pretty, I had to feature it with the shop review.

Virtual Store with Lots to Offer
  • Store Atmosphere
  • Smart & Friendly Staff
  • Offers Classes/Heart of a Teacher
  • Yarn Lusciousness


This local yarn shop is only one internet click away, with detailed photos and easy shipping options. With more than a dozen festivals on the travel circuit, this shop will likely be in a location near you sometime this year, if you prefer the touchy-feely shopping experience.

The booth atmosphere was everything that I like – well organized, prices easily visible, consistent tagging and adequate space for both the yarns and the shoppers. Organized. Did I say organized? I like that.

My visit with Lise was very enjoyable. She was the first to welcome me to the Magnolia State Fiber Festival shopping area. Being a Southern Gal, I was actually surprised that many booths did not even acknowledge my entry into or browsing inside of the booths. The Knitting Rose Yarns booth was very welcoming and I appreciate the extra customer attention. Have you ever seen buffalo yarns? These are made from American Bison and blended with a superwash wool yarn.

Lise completely demonstrated that she has the heart of a teacher and helped me select some worsted weight yarns for a crochet project. The rating reflects that I am not currently aware of any class offerings through this shop. It’s not intended to reflect a negative, just that classes are not offered.

Yarns were stunning colors and displayed in groupings that were very logical for shopping.

In summary, a great virtual shop, with a caring shop owner!

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