Knitting Rose Yarns – Local Yarn Shop Review

As I travel, I look for places to include in a local yarn shop review.  Sometimes, I find these shops at trade show events, seminars, and fiber festivals.  A quick interview and a bit of shopping provide me with quality information to share with my blog readers.  Enjoy this quick summary of a virtual storefront.

Local Yarn Shop Reviews – Knitting Rose Yarns

I had the opportunity to meet Lise at the Magnolia State Fiber Festival and these yarns are just beautiful!  The colors are stunning and color options are diverse.  Click Here to see more at the Knitting Rose Yarn online store.

Knitting Rose Yarns

Magnolia State Fiber Festival-Knitting Rose Yarns

Knitting Rose Yarns

Never underestimate the power of PINK


This pink yarn was just so pretty, I had to feature it with the shop review.

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