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How to Crochet the Woven Stitch


How to Crochet the Woven StitchThe woven stitch is one of my all-time favorite crochet stitches. It is an excellent stitch for beginners.

Using only the chain stitch and single crochet stitch, this pattern takes on interesting textures based on the selected yarn.

Many of my crocheted items are created from basic stitches and adjusted to the size and shape that I want. Most of my handcrafted crochet items are flat – scarves, tote bags, or afghans, and do not require extensive shaping or increases/decreases.

 Here are three examples of recent design projects using the woven stitch.





 The Woven Stitch

Example 1. Woven Stitch -Single crochet stitches in single chain spaces



This is a softly textured stitch that is one of my favorites for baby afghans and scarves.  It is lightweight and the stitches are simple, making it a wonderfully fast project for crochet. The stitch is available on page 373 of the Complete Guide to Needlework (Reader’s Digest) book. This book is a long-time favorite and has many projects beyond crochet and knitting. 

 The design requires a chain in multiple of 3 chains plus 3. What that means is to make the item to the width that you want and verify that the stitch count is a multiple of 3, then add 3 more chain stitches before turning. The second row is 1 single crochet in alternate chain stitches of the starting chain with a chain stitch between each single crochet. So, in other words, create the chain and turn at the end. Single crochet, chain 1, single crochet to the end of the row and turn, repeat.



Example 2. Woven Stitch -Single crochet stitches worked in single chain spaces Easy/Beginner

Here’s the same stitch pattern for a pink baby afghan. For this one, I added stripes with color changes and then a border around the edge. The border is similar to the afghan design, except it is a double crochet alternating with a chain stitch.  

So, double crochet, chain 1, double crochet, chain 1, etc around the entire afghan.  The ribbon is then woven through the spaces created by the “chain 1” spaces.

Same easy pattern but a very different look to the finished item.




Example 3. Woven Stitch -Single crochet stitches worked in single chain spaces Easy/Beginner

Another project using the same stitch pattern!  These are scarves for the Knit Your Bit program, honoring veterans with warm hand-crafted scarves. For these, use two strands of contrasting yarns in the same weight for a chunky stitch.

Use a ruler to determine the width at the bottom at about 6″ to 9″ wide. The starting chain could also be the length of the scarf for another unique look. The length of a scarf is typically about 50″ but can be customized for the recipient.

This technique results in a thick and cozy textile fabric.


And there you have it! Three unique ways to use the simple woven stitch in a soft blue infant’s blankie, a young girl’s butterfly-theme afghan, or comfortable warm scarves for veterans. What can  YOU create with the woven stitch?

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