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Your crochet tools list will be the catalyst for a lifetime of joy as a crocheter. Many crocheters develop a bit of an obsession with yarn – favorite colorways, preferred brands, etc. These yarn-lovers embrace this hobby with enthusiasm.

In fact, it’s not uncommon for crocheters to have a stash of yarn that tumbles out of closets and unruly bits that never stay in place.

But what about your other crochet tools and supplies?

Organizing and stocking your workspace with the right storage units, hooks, needles, and other materials is essential to staying sane while crafting with yarn. The magic begins with a crochet tools list that will elevate your crochet hobby.

Today I’m sharing my must-have crochet supply list filled with recommendations and ideas to help you get started!

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Storage Boxes, Bins and More

If crochet is your jam, you know how important it is to have the perfect storage containers for your yarn! It’s no wonder crochet enthusiasts love organizing their stash in an aesthetically pleasing way.

There are many great storage solutions: stackable boxes, colorful mesh cubes, or airtight containers to keep dust away. Whether you’re a crochet novice or an expert, these storage containers will help keep all of your yarn and other crochet tools neat and tidy so you can focus on creating your crochet masterpieces.


Wall Units for Big Storage Spaces

Wall unit display shelves are a wonderful solution for crafters and a must-have on the crochet tools list. These are convenient, organized storage solutions that make it easy to find what you need.

Whether your favorite colors are bold blues and greens or pastel pinks and lavenders, proudly show off your yarn collection on the shelves.

Plus, with an array of sizes and finishes available, you can find a stylish wall unit display shelf to perfectly match any room’s décor. Don’t just store crafting supplies – showcase your amazing yarns too.

A Yarn Needle / Darning Needle / Tapestry Needle

Weaving the ends of a project must be one of the most satisfying tasks when it comes to crafting! The weaving process is so wonderfully therapeutic, it’s no wonder why it’s a classic mindfulness practice for many stitchers.

And once you’re finished weaving, all that’s left is to bask in the pride of making something truly stunning!

These needles (also known as darning needles) are very dull-tipped so they’re perfect for sewing seams together because their blunt tips won’t split the twist of the yarn as easily as metal needle varieties would. They also come in various sizes that can help make stitching tasks easier.

Yarn Cutter

A yarn cutter is an important safety tool for people who knit and crochet, and a natural fit for our crochet tools list of best items for crocheting. It is a convenient way to cut yarn without having to use scissors. This small device sharp like scissors or a knife and it’s perfect for clipping yarn when it’s time to change colors or end a row. It’s also handy for trimming yarn tails after weaving in ends.

This Beaded Yarn Cutter Pendant Necklace is great for on-the-go crocheting because you can wear it around your neck while you’re working. The blade is sharp to make cutting through yarn a breeze and the casing ensures no accidental cuts. 

Crochet Tools: Stitch Markers

A stitch marker is an invaluable time-saver – it allows you to mark the pattern repeat in your piece of work so you can go back and check it as often as you need. It’s also incredibly convenient to use and will save precious time and effort with every project.

Being able to track where each individual project instruction leaves off and starts again is important when working with intricate patterns. A stitch marker ensures that you can track these crucial points accurately, making it much easier to fit the complete design together properly.

Consider stocking up on several different colors of stitch markers.

Printable Labels and Marker Pens

There’s just something about stickers and marker pens. They’re the perfect way to personalize just about anything, from your journals to your water bottle. I always keep printable stickers and marker pens on hand to add a little personality to whatever I’m working on.

Crochet Tool: Row Counters

You already know how frustrating it can be to lose count of your stitches. Do you know the solution? Row counters to the rescue! Just clip a row counter onto your project and voila – that seemingly impossible problem of counting rows has been solved with amazing ease.

Row counters save hours of tedious head-scratching if you happen to lose count – a crochet savior straight out of yarn heaven!

With the Digital Row Counter on your finger at all times, you’ll glance down at your hand and add another row to the count. The soft adjustable strap fits comfortably over any finger, while the LED display lets you keep track of how many total stitches you’ve completed. 

Ball Winder/Yarn Ball Holder

A ball winder is an essential crochet tool. With the help of a yarn winder, those unruly spools of yarn will be transformed into neat and tidy bundles in a snap.

This smart gadget is an absolute must for knitters and crocheters alike – it handily winds one skein in mere minutes so you can always keep your workspace orderly and organized without any hassle.

One of the most important benefits of a yarn winder is that you can check the yarn as it is winding. You can look for flaws in the production or dye colors and make informed decisions on how to best use the yarn for your projects.

Crochet Hook Case

A crochet hook case is great for storing your hook collection in one place, which can help keep you more organized and save time when looking for a specific crochet hook size.

My recommended Crochet Hook Storage Case goes beyond just the hooks and is an easy way to keep many accessories, including scissors, weaving needles, and stitch markers neat and tidy.

This time-saving organizer has a lightweight design with a zipper front and mesh pockets for smaller things like buttons and yarns. You’ll find that although it is compact, it really holds everything you need for most crochet projects.

Crochet Tool: Scissors

Small, sharp scissors are great for cutting your crochet thread and yarn. The best pair of scissors I’ve ever had are really small, sharp ones.

I don’t usually make recommendations for crafting scissors because there’s always another option available at home–but if you only have one set to work with, setting aside a specific pair of extra-sharp scissors just for crocheting can make life easier.

When scissors are always available in your project kit, you can be confident about clean cuts with sharp blades and that there will not be any snagging or tearing while handling delicate projects. This set of scissors will handle any project with ease.

Crafting Light

When it comes to craftsmanship, lighting plays a huge role. If you can’t see your project properly, you can’t do it justice. Overhead fluorescent lighting might work in an office, but you need better illumination to focus on the details when crafting.

This is why specialty lighting works best – it’s designed to provide light in all the right places with soft eyesight-friendly hues, so you can concentrate on being creative! Let the light guide your hands, and don’t forget to take regular eye rest breaks for good measure.

The OttLite Ultimate 3-in-1 Craft Light gives you true colors and clearer details with reduced glare and eyestrain. The sturdy clip is long, so it can hold patterns or instructions in place while letting you be hands-free and focus on your work.

I love the plug-in at the lamp’s base to charge my devices while working on my latest project. That’s a nice innovation!

Final Thoughts About a Crochet Tools List

The bottom line is this: if you’re a knitter, crocheter, or weaver, you need yarn and crochet tools in your life. A crochet tools checklist will help you stay organized and will inspire your creativity.

These crochet tools will make your crafting easier and more enjoyable, trust us! So, what are you waiting for?

I recommend giving my suggested items a try – but don’t forget about our many other blog posts with more tips for crochet enthusiasts!

See you on a yarn crawl soon!

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