Walt Disney Orlando FloridaWith only two days to spend at the  Walt Disney Resort, we knew the hours would be action-packed! We started our Disney visit at the Magic Kingdom.  Visiting the park for the first time as 50-somethings, it was an enjoyable day, but not particularly “magical”. We started off along Main Street and then to the left side of the park, which seemed less crowded.  In October, the park is very festival-like with many of the decorations consistent with fall harvest themes.

Magic Kingdom

We climbed through the tree house at an easy pace and then over to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride with no waiting at the entry. These short rides are compelling for children, but also entertaining for adults.  I was impressed throughout the park at the costuming and themed decorations.  The attention to small details underpins every element to the experience.

After a walk to the back of the park, we did have a 30-minute wait for the raft ride to Tom Sawyer Island, but once we arrived were quickly exploring the island’s caves, bridges forts and more. A short ride on the motorized raft carried us back to the main area of the park.

One of the highlights of the day was the Hall of Presidents display. This exhibit has robotic presidents (no laughing, they really are robotic presidents) and synchronized speaking and actions for a journey through the timeline of America’s history.

After lunch, we enjoyed watching and then riding the Mad Tea Party. Next event on the program was the featured parade, which was exciting and beautiful with the many costumed characters and lively music.

Humming along afterward, we went to Disney’s Tomorrowland. The only exhibit that captured our attention in that section was a rotating exhibit showing the history of technology. It was entertaining and educational, so we enjoyed it a lot. After a few other rides and displays, we headed to the monorail for the quick ride over to Epcot, concluding our time in the Walt Disney Resort’s The Magic Kingdom.

Continuing our first day at Walt Disney World, the monorail ride over to Epcot was quick and comfortable. Compared to the morning bus shuttle, the monorail has more room for passengers and belongings and the seats are more comfortable as well.


Epcot at Walt Disney World

Upon arrival at Epcot, we walked through several exhibits and then nestled into a clamshell with seating for two for a relaxing and cool ride in the Nemo and Friends building. By this time, it had been a long day with a lot of walking, so we headed to the other side of the Epcot park for the bridge access to the BoardWalk Inn where we were staying. At the bridge, we paused for a skyline photo as the sun was setting.

Boardwalk at Disney

Boardwalk Sunset at Disney


One recommendation for visiting this area is to plan ahead for meals, especially dinner! We waited almost an hour for a seat at the bar for Flying Fish Cafe. The food was good, not great. We ordered romaine salad along with entree dishes of scallops. The service was as expected, considering that the bar staff was attending to their bar duties in addition to overseeing the patrons seated at the counter. As an aside, on the previous night, we had pizza by the slice at the walk-up window on the boardwalk. It was pricey, but delicious and instant service. After dinner at the Flying Fish Cafe, we strolled the boardwalk, which had several active entertainers – juggling, storytelling, and other such street performances are the norm for the Boardwalk Hotel experience.

Disney Hollywood Studios

Day 2 begins…A quick breakfast at the BoardWalk Bakery and then we took the ferry over to Disney Hollywood Studios.Our plan was to spend a few hours here and then head to Epcot and the International Food Festival. Another full day ahead! The Disney Hollywood Studios park was less crowded than the Magic Kingdom and the weather was much more pleasant for being outdoors. This park was a lot of fun! We attended a special effects show with an Indiana Jones theme, did a backlot tour, and learned the history of the park. The backlot tour demonstrated some unique aspects of filming movies and we saw Herbie!

Herbie in the back lot after a long day in the movies

During the ferry ride back to the Boardwalk Inn, we decided to have lunch at the Beaches and Cream Restaurant at the Beaches Yacht Club resort. The food was tasty, but service very slow.  Our seats were at the bar again, so we were able to watch the staff build the “kitchen sink” ice cream extravagances and deliver them to the ice cream lovers. After lunch, we walked through some of the areas of this resort and admired the beach theme decor.

One Man's Dream-History of Walt Disney

One Man’s Dream-History of Walt Disney

The history of the Disney cartoons and evolution to international recognition was fascinating and since we both enjoy history, it was a good educational experience. Oswald and Steamboat Willie were the beginning for a cartoonist and the skills honed on these early sketches were instrumental to the creation of Mickey Mouse and all that came afterward. When I struggle with simple graphics, I now recall how much this man accomplished in a vastly different era.  Walt Disney’s life story and the challenges through the year brought a new perspective to all that surrounded us.

International Food and Wine Festival

Next stop…a short walk to Epcot and the International Food and Wine Festival. The Epcot International Food and Wine Festival is the ultimate reunion for those who long for a taste of their homeland and the international foodie adventurers of the region!

We were very fortunate that our trip dates coincided with the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival. On the previous night, we walked through the area and knew it would be worth the return trip on the second day. It certainly was!

These sampling booths represented many countries and all of the senses were fully engaged with sights, smells and sounds of the many converged homelands. About half way through our journey around the world, we moved back to the technology region of Epcot and then returned into the mix of food, wine, and good times as the evening rolled in. We finished our evening listening to live music at the Canada pavilion – a relaxing end to a wonderful day.


Soarin at Walt Disney World

A highlight of our entire trip was the Soarin’® exhibit. This is a unique experience. The wait time at the entry was about an hour, with no FastPass tickets available. It was an easy wait because the walls of the waiting area have been transformed into floor-to-ceiling interactive games for the waiting groups to participate and compete against each other. Fun to play, fun to watch and a great way to pass the time while standing in the waiting lines.The Soarin’® experience is a simulation of a hang glider over the coastline and landscape of California. The IMAX  screen projects simulations of ocean waves, pristine white ski slopes, the inspiring redwood forests, and some familiar city scenes. It is captivating entertainment and a memorable ride.  The air moves in the room as the scenery changes, giving the illusion of fast movement.  This was a very fun experience.

Soarin' at Disney Epcot

Soarin’ at Disney Epcot


In the same building, hot air balloon sculptures near the ceiling are very pretty with vivid colors.  There is a nature ride through the research area of the Epcot Center. This ride included some agricultural research experiments including tomatoes on trees and above-ground potatoes. As gardening enthusiasts, this was an interesting exhibit to wrap up our final day.

Recommendations for Disney are to be prepared for a LOT of walking.  It’s an experience with many different contexts. Relax, enjoy, and absorb. If you can avoid the rush of crowds, there is much to see and do.


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