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 So you’re thinking about starting a crochet blog or have already started your own site? Congratulations!

If blogging sounds like something that interests and excites you – you are in the right place!

When I started this crochet blog in 2012, it was so hard. There were days that I wanted to give up on my blog idea and walk away from the computer screen. And there were days I pushed through no matter what because I LOVED my crochet blog concept and wanted to prove that I could help crocheters find beautiful destinations and events to support their hobby experience.

In this Crochet Getaway blog, I share tips on how to host a crochet retreat, tips for a great yarn crawl event, reviews of local yarn shops, and even some farm-to-fiber specials!

Starting a crochet blog can be a lot of fun, and it can also be a very challenging learning experience.

I remember how I struggled to figure things out on my own. I took a few classes and made some headway but would soon be stuck again.

I often wished I had someone to coach me and teach me everything I should do as a new blogger and how to do those things in the proper order. I spent so much time reworking my site and wondered if I was covering all the technical rules.

After a year or so on my own, I discovered the Blog by Number course from Suzi Whitford and realized it was the perfect course for me. It’s been years, and I still return to my (lifetime) access to the lessons whenever I need to learn new concepts and continue my growth as a blogger.

Since many of my readers are interested in starting crochet blogs, I put together this detailed blog post to answer your questions.

Just the highlights, please?

My conclusion for this course is that if you’re starting a blog or have created a blog and are unsure what to do next, this course can easily be the solution for growing your crochet site. The classes and additional materials are super-useful whether you are interested in blogging as a hobby or a business.

eBook course on Blogging

What to Expect from the Course

Blog By Number is an online course created by Suzi Whitford. In building her Start a Mom Blog website, Suzi relied on her Lean Six Sigma knowledge and her career as an industrial engineer. This appealed to me because I completed Black Belt Sigma certification courses during my corporate career. The Lean concepts are all about streamlining and getting through a challenge in the most efficient manner possible. 

Suzi is now a full-time entrepreneur and mom who has helped thousands of students find personal ((satisfaction)) and business evolution through blogging. She teaches her students how to start blogging efficiently and how the industry works so that anyone interested can make money in the online universe.

Unfortunately, I am not a mom, but I can relate to Suzi’s teaching style. I continue to buy her programs because her advice is highly beneficial and helps me reach my goals.

What’s Included in the Blog By Number Course?

This blogging course is efficient and easy to understand. Suzi presents the information through videos, text, and downloadable files – step by step with action plans to get the most out of it.

At the end of the course, students are more confident and better prepared to take on any blogging challenges. The course material is updated as tools and systems evolve, so the students continue to have more resource materials available.

The Blog by Number course is a complete, in-depth guide to starting a blog. It contains more than 65 video tutorials and will teach you everything you need to know about creating a successful crochet blog that makes money. The course evolves as technology changes, but here are a few of the materials included:

Blog Templates – a Fill-in-the-blanks system for staying organized with the blog.

Blog by Number ebook

Workbooks – Many workbooks are included. However, my favorite was the “Discover Your Niche” workbook, which helped me confirm that I love my blog site idea.

Stock Images – You will need these!

Strategic insights into ranking for keywords understand how SEO works on a blog and how to research keywords for your niche.

Expert training exclusives to bring real-world experiences to the learning process

The Blog Post Planner and Blog Post Tracker files are AWESOME!

My Favorite Parts of The Blogging Course

As you can see, I really enjoyed this blogging course! I learned that my crafts blog site is truly a tool and my knowledge is valuable to the community I serve. I also learned that when I struggle to do something “the right way,” I often need to step back and look at alternatives. (This is equally true in blogging and in my offline life).

This course helped me seek out alternative methods and appreciate reaching the end goal, even when the middle part looks messy.

I loved the challenge of making my posts interesting and engaging. Overall, the Blog by Number course was (and continues to be) a great experience. I consistently recommend it to my friends and crochet blog readers.

Pros And Cons of The Blog By Number Course

In the spirit of a FULL review of the course, it’s necessary to call out the Pros and Cons of my learning experience.

Pros of The Blog By Number Course

Unbelievable Value for the Price

It is truly wonderful how much value she delivers at a reasonable price point. Before finding Suzi’s courses, I spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars on tools and learning materials for my blog. I clearly wasted both time and money, but I am thankful to count those experiences in the learning process and to know I’m in a better place. The biggest pro is the value delivered at an affordable price point. 

Ongoing Bonus Materials

Another thing I love about Suzi’s programs is that there are ongoing bonus materials and additional lessons in the purchased course. She delivers valuable freebies to her email subscriber list. She is always passing on helpful tips to make our businesses run smoother.

Easy Blog Learning Experience

Suzi presents the material in an effortless, relatable style. It often feels like she’s in a personal conversation, just showing a technique over video. Even when the technology is complex, Suzi takes the student through simple steps with clear instructions and visual prompts to ensure that the learners can follow along and replicate the steps.

Cons of The Blog By Number Course

Although the course is fantastic, and I have no regrets about my purchases, I want to mention one personal thought about Blog by Number.

 Video Vs Printables

I’m a visual learner, and I learn best by reading printed material in my hand that I can mark on, make notes, and reference in a notebook. Others learn best with video training or with a podcast style. So, this might not be a negative for everyone, but most of the Blog by Number course is through video lessons. I spend time stopping/starting the videos to make notes. I also flag the video lessons that deliver the MOST value so I can watch them multiple times. As I mentioned, this is not a dealbreaker but just an observation about my learning style.

Would I Recommend This Course to Beginner Crochet Bloggers?

Overall, I recommend this course to other bloggers starting out. This is by far the best course I’ve taken for a complete view of blogging. The information was engaging and easy to understand way. I also loved the fact that there were actionable steps that I could take after each lesson to start implementing what I learned immediately. As a result of this course, my blog traffic has increased, and I’m seeing more comments and engagement from my readers. In short, this course was instrumental in helping me take my blog to the next level.

Any bloggers out there will tell you that consistency is one of the most important aspects of blogging. It’s important to post quality content regularly to build up a following and attract readers.

For new bloggers, this can be a daunting task. Where do you even start? What should your first steps be? This is where the Blog by Number course comes in. This course lays out a step-by-step plan for starting and growing your blog with positive reinforcement. 

Conclusion about the Crochet Blog Training Course

Blogging has changed my life in many ways. When I started blogging, I never thought it would profoundly impact my life. But it has.

Through blogging, I have found my voice and been able to share my stories with the world.

I have connected with other like-minded people and built a community of support.

I have been able to help others by sharing my experiences and knowledge.

Overall, blogging has been a blessing in my life, and I am grateful for how blogging has changed me for the better.

This is the type of course system I wish I had known about when I started my crochet blog because it would have saved me so much time and frustration.

Are you ready to start your crochet blog today?

Click here to enroll in the Blog by Number course!

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