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Crocheting is an excellent hobby for those who enjoy making their own clothing and accessories but finding the perfect gifts for crochet hobbyists can be a challenge, except when you are shopping on

People who enjoy crocheting often mention that the gentle movement of the yarn and the creative process helps relieve stress and anxiety. Sometimes crocheting will boost their mood and improve their outlook on difficult situations in life.

For some, like me, crocheting was essential when recovering from a traumatic brain injury (TBI) and needed to stimulate my brain into action after the trauma.

But what I love most about crocheting is how the community helps me to connect with other crochet enthusiasts.

Fun Gifts for Crocheters from

With this gift guide, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite finds on Etsy that crochet enthusiasts are sure to love.  This post contains some affiliate links. If you make a purchase, Crochet Getaway may ern an affiliate commission. Learn more here.

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image of hand carved crochet hooks available in personalized gift box

Crochet hooks are always a welcome gift for a crocheter. On you can find many crochet hook sets but few come in a personalized box.

This crochet hook set from YouShineCrafts has 15 crochet hooks, so you can easily find the perfect size hook to match every project. Plus, with its smooth satin finish and personalized gift packaging, this set will make any crafter’s heart sing!

Personalized Rosewood Crochet Hooks




image of handmade metal Crochet Stitch Marker from Kathy Canuel

Stitch markers are essential for crochet projects, but plastic ones can be flimsy and breakable. While safety pins are sturdy and will get the job done, there are just so many more elegant choices!

That’s why I love this affordable stitch marker set from KathyCanuel which includes your choice of 3 or 5 elegant stitch markers in a set – handcrafted in sterling silver by the jewelry maker.

This is sure to be a favorite gift idea for your crocheting friends!

Stitch Markers


image of yarn bowl with watercolor painting of tree of life around the sides of the bowl

I love pretty yarn bowls like the one pictured above. If you are looking for a beautiful ceramic yarn bowl, look no further. New Moon Studio has the perfect gift for the creative crafter who loves expressing themselves through their work.

This handmade gift from this company takes some time to create, but you will receive a beautiful one-of-a-kind gift. Let your recipient know the gift is on its way and they will thank you for this thoughtful and luxurious gift.

The seller explains that the yarn bowl is created with stoneware clay and multiple layers of glazes to create stunning designs and patterns. The tree of life design is my favorite, but each bowl has something special to offer!

Ceramic Wheel Thrown Yarn Bowl

New Moon Studio

Crochet Project Tracker

If your gift recipient likes to stay organized (or wishes for the organization fairy to visit), this simple one-page crochet project tracking form is a winner! It’s an instant download from my Etsy store (designsbygwyn).

As a gift idea, you can print out multiple copies of the page and insert them into a cute 3-ring binder along with some colorful gel pens to make a valuable gift, even if you are on a tight schedule.

My Crochet Project Tracker Form

DesignsByGwyn (Etsy Store)


Crochet project tracking form on clip board


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Crochet Patterns

Look for vintage crochet books and magazines on Etsy. There are plenty to choose from and so many different themes to consider.

In addition, Etsy has thousands of instant download, printable crochet patterns available on Etsy. 

Amigurumi Patterns

Crochet for the Kitchen

Luxury Afghan Crochet Patterns

Easy Crochet Patterns for Beginners


Swatch Measurement Tool – A Crochet Gauge

For the beginner crocheter, a sizing gauge is an essential tool. This handy little gadget measures gauge sizes to ensure your crochet hook matches the right size of yarn and ensures your work turns out as expected. It takes a bit of time at the beginning of the project, but the sizing is critical, and a swatch will ensure you are on track.

The innovative wooden crochet gauge from katrinkles makes a perfect gift for any newbie needing some helpful tools!

Swatch Measurement Tools


image of handcrafted measurement squares for crochet swatch testing


If you know someone who loves crochet as much as these fantastic sellers on  Etsy, then these gift ideas are sure to be a hit.

Whether the recipient is just starting out or has been crocheting for years, these supplies will help them stay organized, make their work more manageable, and add fun adventures to their crafting routine!

For more inspirational gift ideas, shop the Etsy Gift Guide!

What’s your favorite thing about crocheting? Let me know in the comments!

image of colorful yarn in green basket with crochet hooks

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