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Crochet Without a Pattern: Two Easy Stitches

Would you like to learn how to crochet without a pattern? Have you ever wondered how to conjure up crochet creations without relying on patterns?

It’s a journey that begins with a spark of inspiration. I close my eyes and imagine the final piece, envisioning its size and shape. Then, armed with my trusted stitch guides and a treasure trove of Crocheting magazine back issues, I find the stitch that will bring my vision to life.

In the world of crochet, there’s a hidden gem that many crafters often overlook—those invaluable reference sections tucked away in crochet magazines and even some general crafting publications. These sections are like secret doorways to a realm of creative possibilities without using a pattern. The diagrams and stitch instructions hold the keys to crafting without constraints.

Here are two examples of simple stitches that I use in a variety of projects – The Woven Stitch and the Double Knot Stitch (aka Solomon’s Knot stitch).

Crochet with the Woven Stitch

Single crochet stitches worked in single chain spaces – Easy/Beginner

This softly textured stitch is one of my favorites for baby afghans and scarves. It is lightweight, and the stitches are simple, making it a wonderfully fast project for crochet. You can read about the woven stitch in this blog post.

The design requires a chain in a multiple of 3 chains plus 3. That means to make the item to the width you want and verify that the stitch count is a multiple of 3, then add 3 more chain stitches before turning. The second row is 1 single crochet in alternate chain stitches of the starting chain with a chain stitch between each single crochet.

So, in other words, create the chain and turn at the end. Single crochet, chain 1, single crochet to the end of the row and turn, repeat.

Example of crochet woven stitch for baby blanket

Need a visual? This is similar to the Thistle Stitch as explained on the Lion Brand Stitch Finder resource page. The difference is that the thistle stitch has 2 sc in each alternate chain space, adding even more texture to the design.

Crochet the Double Knot Stitch

Single crochet stitches worked in single chain spaces – Easy/Beginner

The double knot stitch is a lacy crochet stitch that is easy to crochet without a pattern. Also known as Solomon’s Knot or Lover’s Knot, this stitch is popular for lightweight evening shawls and for market bags. This loop design requires stretching the single crochet to create the lace.

It’s important to create consistency in the stretched stitches. Like any crochet technique, practice makes perfect. The more you work with the Lover’s Knot, the more comfortable you’ll become with maintaining even stitches. The diagrams for the stitch are available on the Lion Brand Yarn website.

Image of lacy Solomon Knot Crochet

Need a video? Here is a super-quick tutorial from Annie’s showing how to make the Solomon’s Knot Crochet Stitch.

When you are ready, download the Crochet Project Tracker Form to document your project and your successes. It’s my gift to you today.

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