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Getaway Guide to Crochet CruiseCrafting vacations have long-standing popularity. As travelers cherish time away from work for holidays, themed cruises are continuing to grow in popularity. A crochet cruise is a wonderful vacation opportunity for crafting, networking, and learning new skills while at sea.


There are several websites that consistently post information about themed cruises and yarn-based crafts cruises (including, of course).  Some of my favorite resources are:

Stitchtopia Crochet Holidays

Not to give away all of my secret resources, but these are great sites for exploring upcoming events and crochet cruise destinations. My cruising experiences have been relaxing and inspirational, so I’m always on the lookout for these educational and relaxing cruise experiences for my Crochet Getaway website.

Benefits of a Cruise Vacation

For those who are new to the idea of taking a cruise, let me tell you, there is nothing else quite like it. You can spend all day going full speed ahead or doing absolutely nothing (or crocheting). It truly is that flexible with the abundant cruise ship options. By day, there are activities and events in port or on the ship. In the evening, dining, dancing, and stage shows are sure to please every traveler. Why do I enjoy cruising so much? Let me tell you…


Possibly my top reason for cruising is the convenience of having the “all inclusive” experience while still enjoying some independence with my trip.  I’ll book the cruise, then book flights and possibly a pre-cruise or post-cruise hotel and click, click, click, my vacation planning is complete (if I want it to be).  In reality, I will start exploring and researching information about various ports and some things to do during the vacation.  But, I could just book the cruise and flight and know that my primary planning tasks are completed.

See More without Re-Packing

It is rare for me to plan a trip and stay in one location for an entire week. There is a big world out there and I want to absorb as much as possible.  On a cruise, it is common to have four or more port calls during a week. These stops in port can range from a few hours to an overnight stay with extended opportunity for exploring the port cities. On the first day of the cruise, you will settle into a comfortable cabin on the ship, unpack and see amazing destinations while your “hotel room” moves with you from port to port. On the last night of the cruise, you’ll repack after a week of comfortable living.

Variety is the Spice of Life

Have you ever arrived at a holiday destination and soon realize that you are just “not feeling the love” of being in the place?  With cruising, that’s not a concern since the next day will likely be a new location, a new adventure and a new change of scenery.  When you stay at an all-inclusive resort or book a visit to only one city, you are confined to that area in most cases. In addition to cruise ships moving from port to port each day, there are dozens of on-ship activities including such things to do as onboard shopping, art auctions, massage services, sports tournaments, swimming and pool sports, bingo games, casino gambling, and even classes.  These are scheduled and communicated each evening so that you can plan your next day.

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My Cruising Experiences

Carnival Ecstacy

In 2005, my first cruise was aboard Carnival Ecstacy from Galveston to Mexico for our honeymoon trip. Prior to the cruise, we walked along the seafront. At that time, there were huge chess pieces in the open park area. I sometimes wonder if they survived the hurricanes of later years. Our cruise ship cabin featured a porthole view of the ocean. It was relaxing to watch the ocean tumbles near the waterline. As first-timers, we learned a lot about the cruising experience.

Carnival Triumph – A minor breakdown

For our second cruise, in 2008, we chose Carnival Triumph. Yes, that ship!!  Our cruise was delightful and fun, with the exception of one morning without A/C.  However, being in the Caribbean islands, we spent the time leisurely enjoying the ocean breezes on that day at sea. In San Juan, Puerto Rico, we spent a full day touring the historic sites and enjoyed sharing our day’s activities with other diners at the evening meal.

Alaska Cruise – Royal Caribbean Radiance of the Seas

Our third cruise was Royal Caribbean’s cruise from Seward, Alaska to Vancouver, Canada on Radiance of the Seas. The hits just keep getting better! This remains my all-time favorite cruise experience. “It seemed inconceivable that nature could have anything finer to show us,” observes naturalist John Muir in his book “Travels in Alaska,” which is such an apt description for the scenic wonder at every turn in this region. If you ever have an opportunity to visit Alaska, Just Do It!

The Glacier Gardens in Juneau are home to upside-down trees with starbursts of color from the root structures.  The colors and “thinking outside the box” have inspired several crochet projects over the past couple of years. For armchair travelers, I recommend James Michener’s book, “Alaska” for a descriptive cultural history of this 49th state.

Back to the islands with Royal Caribbean

On a whim (somewhat) our cruise #4 was to the Caribbean Islands during Thanksgiving week in 2015. It was a fast-paced 7-day cruise with memorable stops in Martinique, Bridgeport, and Fredricksburg. During this trip, I was learning to use a new-ish camera.  I’ve sold several stock photos taken during that week and one photo taken from the stern of the ship as we departed Fort-de-France has become my best selling stock photo.  The income from stock photography sales is quickly reinvested in new camera gear as I continue to build my photography portfolio.
Fort-de-France Martinique pier and city view
© Photographer: Gwyn Goodrow | Agency:

Plan your crochet cruise today

So, now I’m “hooked” on cruising! These were vacation cruises, not specifically tied to crochet seminars.  Even so, I was able to turn a normal cruise into a crochet cruise with a quick visit to a yarn shop in a port city or by talking about crafting with fellow passengers on the ships.

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