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In some of the articles on this website, I mention crochet books and crochet patterns that have enriched my crafting journey. This blog post is a summary of some favorite crochet books that I’ve enjoyed through the years, and are still on my shelves today (except when they are on my lap for reading!).

500 Crochet Stitches

I’ll start the list with this book – 500 Crochet Stitches.  How can you ever have enough stitches?  I like the format of this book and the volume of interesting uses for the different stitches in a variety of crochet patterns and design themes.

Some of the graphs are small and hard to read, so keep a magnifying glass handy. This book is a solid addition to any crochet book collection and provides depth of resources for both the beginner and experienced crocheter.

Complete Guide to Needlework

You will already recognize this as one of my all-time favorites. The Complete Guide to Needlework book from Reader’s Digest has many needlework projects and directions for beginners.

The detailed instructions are well organized with clear visuals to help with each stitch structure. The demonstrated projects are great classic pieces such as hats, Irish crochet, and filet crochet pieces. When you are searching for basic crochet techniques, look no further than the crochet patterns in this much-admired book.

Color it Beautiful Afghans

This book offers 15 beautiful afghans featuring Vanna’s Choice yarn from Lion Brand. The designs in Color it Beautiful Afghans are simple and straight-forward. At the same time, they demonstrate the coziness of repeating patterns in the earth tones of this yarn selection.

If you are struggling with crochet pattern structures, this book is very helpful. The back of the book has thirteen square samplers with a variety of stitches.  Then, the wrap-up (no pun intended!) is a series of pattern layouts using the square for twelve unique completed afghans.

100 Crochet Projects

This book has 100 interesting projects for all skill levels.  While some of the projects are not appealing to me personally, there are many that I have completed and will repeat again.

The child’s backpack is functional and trendy, especially with a bit of decoration added to the top flap. The “Cute Combo” crochet pattern is one that I look forward to trying.  It is a shell blouse with the matching jacket, including ribbing stitches for edge finishing. I haven’t made many garments with crochet and am looking forward to giving it a go.

Giving Away the Farm: How Kindness, Critters, and Yarn Knit a Community Together

Are your fingers tired yet with all of that crocheting?  Find a good armchair and settle in for some reading time. This is a heart-warming book about a family, farm life, and building a future in a tiny slice of the textile industry.

In Giving Away the Farm: How Kindness, Critters, and Yarn Knit a Community Together, Cindy Telisak shares her entrepreneurial story, about a small farm in Texas, on the teetering edge of the Dallas metroplex. It’s a story of sharing and building a regional community of like-minded individuals while doing good.

And that’s my list of favorite crochet books for you to use and enjoy. Some of these are long-time friends on my crochet journey and I’m constantly referencing them for new ideas and common techniques. Do you have a favorite crochet book? I’d love to add to my collection.

Beyond books, there are other crochet tools that I use regularly. Read more about my favorite and must have crochet tools on this blog post about the 9 Best Tools for Every Crocheter.

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