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Ongoing education is important as is learning from different sources. I was fortunate to find the AWAI program Money-Making Websites at the beginning of 2015 and launched Crochet Getaway in April of that year as part of the class assignment.

Prior to that blog, I posted some stories on and we had a blog about our journey to becoming debt-free (aka financial hell and back). Those blog postings and the community on inspired me to invest in the AWAI class, which includes an ongoing forum group for questions and answers as well as access to the class materials.

I invested about 24 months into how to navigate WordPress comfortably. I started having growing pains and ready to move to the next level. I wanted to repeat the AWAI class but missed the deadline.  While I was whining about that, I found a few Facebook groups to use as resources.

One of those groups was Women Winning Online, with Jen Snyder. The group was welcoming, encouraging, and relevant to me. I subscribed to Jen’s newsletter. At the time there was a promotion all over the internet for a very popular blogging program. I paced the floor for days wondering if I should invest in the program. The cost at the time was about $1,000.

I prayed. I listened for guidance. I kept reading my Money-Making Website notes, the hardcover books that I had purchased, and Facebook groups, trying to piece things together and grow my blog.

I resigned myself to the fact that the expensive class was not going to work out for me. Within a day or so, I received a newsletter from Women Winning Online and an introduction to an alternative.

Jen recommended Suzi Whitford’s Blog by Number eBook and video course priced at $47.

I did some research on the course and decided $47 was manageable. Then, I did a quick de-stash of some yarn, patterns, and fabric. The money was right there in my crafts closet. Surprise!

The class was exactly what I needed.  The videos made perfect sense and Suzi’s teaching style is 100% relatable.

I have purchased Blog by Number, Theme by Number, List by Number, and eBook by Number. I’m working on an eBook specific to crochet blogging and channeling creativity into a profitable business. I’m working on a section now about how to structure your business, keep records, and resources creating a “back office” model.  The next section will be about promoting and marking your brand. I’m tapping into my degrees in accounting and marketing, along with 30+ years of corporate finance work and showing you exactly how I apply these skills to a tiny one-person biz, operating at home.

The eBook progressing well and I plan to release it (on this website) in June 2018. Subscribe to my newsletter to receive first notice when it’s available. There will be deep discounts for newsletter subscribers.

My blog journey has been amazing and such a blessing in my life. I’m eager to see what’s around the next corner.

I love affirmations. Here are a few that I use when I start my blogging days (usually on Saturdays when I not working my corporate finance job).

When I seek what I want, it finds me.

The vision within me is creating a world that surrounds me.

I can never fail, for everything that happens contributes to my knowledge and my journey.

I believe in gratitude and I am grateful to every reader and every follower of my blog.




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Gwyn Goodrow
The Crochet Getaway blog began as a way for me to write about my hobby and connect with other crafters at events and conferences. It has grown to so much more as I've reignited my passion for writing and exploring. This site guides crocheting enthusiasts to training and networking events in fabulous international destinations. Crochet Getaway has a Facebook social media site with more than 1,500 happy followers. My corporate career and my vacation getaways provide travel opportunities that I enjoy sharing with my readers. In addition to being the founder and editor of Crochet Getaway, I blog about travel and side gig income (for travel) at and my writing portfolio is posted at
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