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I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it. ~ Pablo Piccasso

How the Crochet Blog Began

Ongoing education is important to me. It keeps my mind fresh as the years roll by. Equally important, I like to learn from teachers with a variety of backgrounds and experiences. My journey with this crochet blog has not been a linear path. There were (and still are) many contributors to this fascinating and rewarding blogging progression. 

Once Upon a Time

It all began when I posted a few stories on in the summer of 2012. For me, the stories were an online journal of some fun trips that I had taken and a way to preserve photos and memorable moments with my writing. I posted more than 20 articles on the site and received some positive feedback about my writing style. After a few months of steady blogging, I wanted to have more flexibility in how my photos appeared on the site and to have more control of the overall look. 

I began to research how to start my own blog and how to become a blogger. The research continued through 2013 and 2014 and I became more committed to pursuing the next steps.

Ready to Learn

My first formal education in blogging was through a seminar offered by AWAI. The Money-Making Websites class included about six weeks of course material and a class assignment to build a website. This “Crochet Getaway” website launched in April 2015 as my class project.

Anyone who keeps learning stays young ~ Henry Ford

I invested the next two years of late nights and weekends into understanding the fundamentals of using WordPress. I eventually experienced growing pains and was ready to move Crochet Getaway to the next level, with better graphics designs and stronger media content.

I was making connections with crocheting friends around the world and this little website was becoming a passionate hobby for me. I wanted to repeat the AWAI class and go deeper into understanding Google metrics and growth strategies – but a bit of procrastination caused me to miss the registration deadline.  While I was whining about that, I found some Facebook groups for bloggers and continued to learn through those interactions.

One of those groups was Women Winning Online, with Jen Snyder. The group was welcoming, encouraging, and relevant to me. I subscribed to the newsletter. At the time there was a promotion all over the internet for a very popular blogging course, with thousands of successful graduates. I paced the floor for days wondering if I should invest in the program. The cost at the time was about $1,000.

I prayed.

I listened for guidance.

I kept reading my Money-Making Website notes, the hardcover books that I had purchased, and Facebook groups–trying to piece things together and grow my little crochet blog.

I resigned myself to the fact that the expensive class was not going to work out for me financially. Within a day or so, I received a newsletter from Jen Snyder (Women Winning Online) and an introduction to an alternative.

Jen recommended Suzi Whitford’s Blog by Number eBook and video course priced at $47.

I did some research on the course and decided $47 was manageable. Then, I cleaned the craft closet and ran a de-stash sale of some yarn, patterns, and fabric on my Etsy Store, DesignsByGwyn. The money was right there in my crafts closet.


The Blog by Number class was exactly what I needed.  The videos made perfect sense and Suzi’s teaching style is 100% relatable.

I have purchased the series from Suzi in small bits and as time permits.

Blog by Number – This course provides the fundamentals. In a few short lessons with resource guides and printable trackers, you will be on your way to having your first blog active and ready for an audience.

Theme by Number – This course takes you (gently) into some of the more technical aspects of blogging with a focus on blog themes.

List by Number – This course made a huge difference in how to give useful, relevant information to my readers while building those beautiful friendships throughout the world.

Finally, eBook by Number – This course is a launchpad for building a business by offering a short book. I struggled with several different topics (and have unfinished mini-books on my computer still today). I finally locked into a topic that was very relevant to some personal struggles. My eBook by Number product was The Perfect Morning Routine: Finding Time for Personal Transformation.

Pssstttt….If you are ready to shift your life, click on that link to order. You will receive a 30 page eBook explaining the process that transformed me into a published writer, a set of worksheets and journal pages for creating your perfect (individualized) morning routine, and a beautiful printable 2019 calendar. The complete package is available at $21 for a limited time. 

Each of Suzi’s courses added a new layer to my understanding of blogging as a business. They are easily affordable when I plan the purchases into my monthly business budget.

What’s Next?

I’ve published an eBook and some journaling books and have been a featured author in three different essay books that rocketed to #1 Amazon Bestseller status. These projects were intensive learning experiences.

For this year, I’m working on an eBook for my crochet community. The book tackles the premise of how to channel dormant creativity into a profitable business.I’m tapping into my degrees in accounting and marketing, along with 30+ years of corporate finance work and showing you exactly how I apply these skills to my tiny one-person biz, operating at home. Chapters will deal with such topics as how to develop a “back office” model for your business, brand development, and measurable marketing.

I’ll also include some stories from my friends about crocheting experiences and building yarn-related businesses. Let me know if you have a story to tell. Contact me at with the subject line “I have a crochet story”. We’ll chat and go from there.

The eBook will be released on this site when it is ready to launch. Subscribe to my newsletter to receive first notice when it’s available.

HInt: There will be deep discounts for newsletter subscribers.

My blog journey has been amazing and such a blessing in my life. I’m eager to see what’s around the next corner.

I love affirmations. Here are a few that I use when I start my blogging days (usually on Saturdays when I not working my corporate finance job).


When I seek what I want, it finds me.

The vision within me is creating a world that surrounds me.

I can never fail, for everything that happens contributes to my knowledge and my journey.

I believe in gratitude and I am grateful to every reader and every follower of my blog.

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