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The Lover’s Knot crochet stitch (also known as Solomon’s Knot) is popular for lightweight evening shawls or as an overlay to embellish an ordinary blouse or dress collar.

It’s amazing how easy this stitch is to create! It’s really just a single crochet stitch (sc) with a stretch in the middle of the stitch.

Learning the Lover’s Knot Crochet Stitch

If you have been reading my blog for awhile, you already know that this blog is mostly about crochet events and learning experiences.  I’m not a designer (although I dabble from time to time).  I’m usually better teaching crochet in a one-on-one and face-to-face environment. My goal on the Crochet Getaway blog is to share valuable resources that will advance your skills and bring beauty to your crochet journey. So, I will guide you to some experts (and there are many) who can move you quickly from the basic single crochet stitch into some beautiful Lover’s Knot crochet stitch designs.

I’m inspired to share this stitch with you because I recently rediscovered it during a #crochetgetaway of my own! I  attended the Stitches Texas event in Irving, Texas, and participated in Jenny King’s “Mastering Solomon’s Knot” class. In only a few minutes, I refreshed my memory on how to create this lovely pattern. The trick with this design is to have consistency in the stretched stitches to create that gentle lace effect and those soft loopy lines in the finished garment.

The diagrams for the stitch are also available on page 365 of Complete Guide to Needlework (Reader’s Digest).

More Crochet Resources

Need a video?  This technique is included as one of many stitch videos available at Annie’s Online Classes.

And there you have it!  The beautiful, lacy Lover’s Knot is now another stitch for your collection. Please take a moment to share or pin this post, if you found it useful as background and introduction to another lovely crochet stitch.

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