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As a beginner learning any new skill, there are questions. More questions than answers, some may say. Thousands of people participate in crocheting as a hobby and as a source of income. In recent years, crocheting has appeared on high-fashion runways and is making a bold comeback as a decorative feature in many casual wear garments.

While it may be somewhat daunting to figure out those first few steps in crochet, there is good news ahead.  I’m here to help you with your questions while you are learning.

Crochet can be a tricky business at times. For example, with almost 50 years of crochet experience, I spent an afternoon learning a new stitch technique just this week. It was exciting to take my garment in a new direction while I was mastering a new concept.

The art of crochet is very much a “Learning by Doing” situation.  Yes, I was a 4-H’er and the motto is deeply ingrained in my core.

Practice does make perfect, and steady practice will result in some beautiful creations.

Keep your confidence and never give up!

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5 Tips for Learning to Crochet

Design your workspace

Set up a workspace for crocheting. This may be at a table or in a comfortable easy chair. Keep this space free from dirt, dust, and pet hairs if possible. In time, you may choose to crochet with Fido on your lap, but in the beginning, you will need a space for focus on learning the new skills.

Don’t Overdo It

Take breaks when needed. Stretch your back and shoulders, and your fingers.  Be conscious of your internal tensions. I use squishy round stress relief balls to keep my fingers from cramping when I have a large project underway.

Everyone Learns Differently

Use a variety of resources. If you are struggling with a pattern, take a look at the stitch in a different pattern book. Offer yourself a bit of grace and forgiveness if you are feeling overwhelmed. Let your brain play with the ideas and allow the learning process to grow within you. Are you a visual learner?  YouTube has an abundance of stitch lessons and even some project lessons!

Try Out New Tools and Resources

Play with different brands of yarn and different brands of hooks. Experiment and find the tools and techniques that work for you. Need ideas? Take a look at my posts about my favorite crochet pattern books and the best tools that I enjoy using.

Take a Break from Learning

Don’t give up! Take breaks from your work as needed. You may even take a break from a challenging project and start an easier project to keep developing your technique and skills. Circle back to the more difficult project regularly and step by step you will see progress. I promise!

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