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Why I Crochet for Charity 

Our many lives are woven together in a unique tapestry during times of great challenges and this is one reason why I crochet for charity. While the interconnection is evident during national tragedy, special touches happen in micro moments too. We are often called upon to cross chasms together.

The young couple huddled under the weight of heavy burdens as they passed me in the hospital corridor. While only teenagers, they are now parents. Their tiny newborn son remained in the hospital’s Neonatal ICU ward at Parkland Hospital in Dallas, experiencing his first week in this cold, harsh world. Parkland Hospital is a haven for North Texans struggling with pregnancy complications due to health issues or financial issues.

Baby Steps

I met those young parents near the end of a brief journey. The story began miles away in a church huddle room. Knitters, crocheters and quilters gather and visit each week. More importantly we meet to create hand-made afghans, hats, quilts, and blankets for the newborn children at Parkland Hospital. 

Before everyone settles into quiet conversations and handcrafting, we admire new patterns and lovely materials.  As we crochet for charity programs and the people that the programs serve, newcomers watch in awe. Just one hour of effort yields remarkable results. 

The young parents react with tearful appreciation when they receive baby’s first quilt only a few days later. They begin their journey as a family. The circle is unbroken.

How You Can Help

You can crochet for charity programs in your community or by donating yarn to others who enjoy crafting. There are so many ways to help, and so many reasons why so many find continuous joy in serving others through crochet.

Some work-in-progress items like hats or afghans easily transform into practical solutions to help someone stay warm. That warm feeling doesn’t only go to the recipient, though. When you crochet for charity, you are sharing your compassionate and creative self with people in need. There is gratitude at every stage of the process.

Start Local

Your local area is a great place to start. Check with hospitals, nursing homes, and church organizations about local groups that organize crocheted items for charity programs. In addition, ask about other crafting activities for charity. Some groups focus on sewing, quilting, or projects that do not typically include crochet.  While offering your skills, be sure to take time to understand the program and find an outlet that is personally meaningful to you.

Stretch Beyond the Local

You may discover that some local groups have national chapters.

The World War II Museum in New Orleans collects crocheted and knitted scarves through a program called Knit Your Bit. The collected scarves are distributed at the museum on designated dates. Some are shipped to veteran’s organizations around the country. The program is reminiscent of the original program where scarves were produced stateside for soldiers overseas.

Visit the World War II Museum website to learn more about community-based initiatives for local collection sites. While there, browse the recommended (free) scarf patterns for this organization. When I announced my Knit Your Bit goal, a financial donor came forward to purchase the yarn. It was such a caring moment of commitment. 

I delivered my scarves on a group knitting day at the museum. Visitors stopped by our tables and asked about our work while touring the museum. These events are held periodically throughout the year and are a great way to connect with knitters and crocheters who share your love for the hobby.

Crochet for Charity Today

I gain a personal satisfaction from working with local charity groups and local recipients, especially for yarn-based projects and opportunities to crochet for charity groups. Facilitate positive change in the world.

There are so many ways to engage. Start local or reach out globally and find the crochet program that suits your interests. When you crochet for charity, lives will change. Perhaps one of those lives will be yours!

If you are interested in donating yarn to a local cause, check out this guide to yarn selection for some tips on choosing the best yarn or this article about how to select the best tools for fiber artists.


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