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The Best Crochet Tools for Fiber Artists

Crochet begins with a hook and some yarn, but having the best crochet tools will make your fiber arts hobby more efficient and enjoyable. In some articles on this website, I recommend crochet books and crochet patterns that have enriched my crafting journey.

Today, we’ll tackle the essential crochet tools as I explain why some of these are my absolute favorites, and the good news is that these crochet tools are often quite affordable.

Crochet Yarn and Crochet Thread

Crochet yarn or crochet thread is an essential tool for any crochet project. Buying yarn is an enjoyable activity that often occurs at the very beginning of the project creation cycle. Shopping for the perfect color and texture can brighten your mood and bring the idea into clear focus, even before the first chain stitch. The perfect yarn transforms a ho-hum project into a masterpiece of art, so it is undoubtedly worthwhile to spend time selecting the best yarn for your particular project.

I use many different brands of yarn and highly recommend these suppliers:

Crochet Hooks

I highly recommend the Yarniss Crochet Hooks Set to all crochet enthusiasts, especially those with arthritic hands or anyone seeking a comfortable and versatile crochet hook set. This set offers a wide range of sizes, from 2mm (B) to 10mm (N), ensuring you have the right hook for any project.

What truly sets these crochet hooks apart is their ergonomic design, which makes them more comfortable during longer crochet sessions, even for those with hand sensitivities, like me. The soft, comfortable grip reduces strain and makes for better tension, even on days when my hands are aching.

Additionally, I recommend the set for all of the extras included. The colorful hooks are not only functional but also visually appealing. The case keeps everything organized and portable.

Best Lights for Crochet

OttLite 3-in-1 Adjustable-Height Craft Floor Lamp with Magnifier – Let’s shed some light on the subject. For several years, I’ve been using the OttLite 18-watt Easy View Floor Lamp with a magnification arm. I am a big fan of the OttLite products and consider these among the best tools for my crocheting and crafting projects!

I adjust the flexible arm to move the light into the best position for my project. The structure is lightweight and easy to transfer to different places in the house for my sewing machine projects, my dining table projects, and my comfy “in the reclining chair” projects. This is one of the best investments in my crafting and eyesight. The light is bright but not harsh. The magnifier arm is a lifesaver on intricate projects.

Measuring Tape

Let’s be honest: you can pull the measuring tape from your sewing center and put it into double duty as your crocheting measuring tape. And that’s a very economical approach – good for you!

What’s important is that you crochet to a gauge measurement and ensure a proper fit every time.

Yes, every time.

I often grab the closest ruler or my sewing tape while crocheting at home, but I keep (always) a spring-loaded measuring tape in my “go bag” for when I’m crocheting at medical appointments, in airports, during hotel stays, and otherwise away from my usual environment.

What I like most about this measuring tape is the feature to press a button on it for retraction – no twisting and turning and no jumbled measuring tape mess!

Yarn Bowl

Yarn bowls are trendy for crocheters and have interestingly formed an intersection between yarn crafting and woodworking. It’s so exciting to see yarn bowls in different sizes, colors, and shapes. Visual appeal is a key factor in choosing a yarn bowl.

A yarn bowl is a must-have tool for crocheters, offering many benefits that enhance the crafting experience. The most notable benefit is that a yarn bowl keeps your yarn clean and tangle-free. By feeding the working yarn through the bowl’s smoothly crafted hole, the bowl prevents the yarn ball from rolling around, gathering dust, or forming irritating knots.

Yarn bowls are also game changers when it comes to organization. They provide a designated space for your yarn, hooks, and accessories, reducing clutter and ensuring you can focus solely on your project. For those prone to chasing runaway yarn balls, a yarn bowl eliminates this frustration, allowing for smooth, uninterrupted crocheting. These days, so many yarn bowls are beautiful and decorative pieces that add charm to your living area or crafting space.

Best Scissors for Crochet Work

While there may be scissors in every room of your home, having dedicated scissors for yarn crafts is not only a timesaver but ensures a nice sharp cut every time.

Features to look for in yarn scissors? I like a compact (less than 4″ blade), lightweight pair of scissors with a double loop handle. For my yarn crafts, I want comfort and look for scissors with ergonomic grips. This is especially important for those with arthritis or other hand limitations.

Tote Bag for Crochet On the Go

For transporting crochet projects, this beautiful and functional tote bag is a winner! The style is elegant. It features a sturdy canvas fabric and detailed construction.

The zippered sections protect your hooks and other essential crochet tools. Zippers help minimize those accidental situations where items fall out during the rush of the day between medical appointments, banking, and shopping. It’s important to have everything secure, and this tote absolutely delivers on the necessary features.

Crochet Stitch Markers

Crochet Stitch Markers are one of the best crochet tools to keep with you at all times. They can be used to mark groups of stitches (like every tenth stitch in a long row of hundreds of stitches), to mark the beginning of a round, or even to mark a color change.

Patterns sometimes indicate inserting a stitch marker by using the abbreviations “pm” (place marker) and “sm” (slip marker).

The most important thing to know is that you must use markers that can be removed from the crocheted item. The closed stitch markers, often used for knitting, cannot be used for crochet. Look for markers with a clasp or an open end to slip on and off of the crochet project.

Another caution is that stitch markers can be purchased by the dozens from many online retailers – made of plastic and very cheap (a few dollars for a dozen or more). I’ve had negative experiences with these as they sometimes break after just a few uses, and I consider those packages as disposable items that I’ll toss when they break.

Best Tapestry Needles for Crochet

Tapestry Needle (or a Set) – For years, I only thought of tapestry needles for embroidery and needlework projects. Then I discovered some tips and tricks for finishing ends, and I no longer avoid those last few stitches. My crocheted items look more professional because, well, they are.

Tapestry needles are now in my essential toolkit for crocheting. Using a long tail of yarn, these needles “sew” that yarn end into the crocheted stitches. This process creates a firm “backstitch” to eliminate unraveling while hiding the ends of the yarn inside those other stitches.

If you are shopping locally for these, look for a blunt end or needles that are designated for yarn work.

Yarn Ball Winder and Swift Set

A yarn ball winder is used to transfer yarn from the skein to a ball before use. This process allows you to inspect your yarn for knots or weak points so you can fix them before you start working. As an added benefit, any tangles are resolved before you begin the project, and that frustration point is eliminated.

A yarn swift generally attaches to a table or workstation and is a useful tool if you purchase yarn in hanks. The yarn swift spins in a circle while you transfer the yarn to a ball with the yarn ball winder.

Summary of Best Crochet Tools

And that’s my roundup of the essential tools for crochet and other fiber arts. I hope this provided some ideas for improving your crochet hobby. Do you have other recommendations?

Drop me a note and let me know!

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