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Welcome to My Crochet Stories. This is the section of the blog where I share my personal insights regarding my crochet journey. I was once a crochet beginner and now I teach other beginners how to crochet.  It’s been such an enriching experience for me.

The Early Years as a Crochet Beginner

My mother taught me to crochet at a young age. I think I was probably 8 or 9 years old when I first started with a crochet hook and some scraps of yarn.  Like many of you, the first attempts at crochet resulted in stitching, frogging, stitching, frogging and stitching again. Each attempt resulted in an improvement of technique and consistency of the stitches. These earlier years were the beginning of my crochet stories that I share with everyone I meet.

Gaining Crochet Skills in the Teen Years

As I became more proficient with my crocheting, I constantly challenged myself to do more and in so many ways. As a teen, I consistently:

Crocheted Pillow Covers

Explored Filet Crochet

Experimented with Crochet Graphs and turning photos into crochet art

Created crocheted afghans and crochet blankets from patterns (mostly Ripple Stitch designs, now known as the Chevron Stitch)


The Next 30 Years

I finished high school and traveled off to college, taking my crochet hobby with me. In times of great stress in my life, I crocheted. Looking back, I see how crochet carried me through some difficult and challenging times.  Crochet was also a budget-friendly hobby. I continued practicing new designs and created handmade baby afghans as my friends became parents.

Reaching the 50’s

It’s my birthday month. Half of a century. Wow. Seems old when phrased in that manner. As I move deeper into my 50’s, inching towards the 60’s, crochet is still with me. I’ve joined the CGOA (Crochet Guild of America). This organization forces me to be constantly “sharpening the ax” and gaining new skills – in a warmly encouraging environment with a network of like-minded crafters. I’ve attended two of the CGOA national conferences (2015 in San Diego, California and 2016 in Charleston, South Carolina). Due to a scheduling conflict with my corporate job, I won’t able to attend in July 2017 but have my sights set on 2018.

Locally, I’ve been teaching individuals and small groups.  The Craft Yarn Council’s “Each One, Teach One” is a good program for anyone interested in sharing the crochet knowledge.

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Your Turn

Join the conversation…how do you keep current with the crochet industry happenings?  How do you reach others with the benefits of crochet as a hobby?




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