The Best Yarn Crawl for Every Season

Are You Ready for a Yarn Crawl Adventure? Yarn crawl experiences have re-energized the LYS (Local Yarn Shop) in the US.  Regional yarn-related small businesses have banded together to promote yarn crafting. They issue passports for a small fee and provide a yarn crawl...

Louisiana Loom Works, French Quarter, New Orleans

Louisiana Loom Works is our crochet getaway destination today. Floor rugs, constructed with fabric, can be functional and beautiful at the same time.  Loom Weaving History In early America, rag rugs were utilitarian and recycling was a way of life. As clothes and...

Crochet Books: A Few of My Favorite Things

In some of the articles on this website, I mention crochet books and crochet patterns that have enriched my crafting journey. This blog post is a summary of some favorite crochet books that I’ve enjoyed through the years, and are still on my shelves today...
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