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I’m Gwyn Goodrow, the founder of the Crochet Getaway blog. If you are searching for crochet escapades in stunning locations, you are in the RIGHT place!

What You Will Find Here at Crochet Getaway

Crochet Getaway features events for those who love crocheting and all things yarn-related. I’ll include tips for travel and smart spending. As I travel, I visit local yarn shops, buy yarn, and talk with artists.

Feeding My Soul with Crochet and Travel

Feeding my soul – That’s how I describe the impact of both crochet and travel in my life. And in the words of a favorite hymn, “It is well with my soul” when I am on the road – in airports, on a train, or on a bus – if I have a little crochet project to ease the journey.



Yarn Shops and Yarn Events

I am always on the lookout for yarn-oriented destinations, experiences, and products.  I welcome the opportunity to work with tourism organizations and businesses to promote their products and services when there is a compelling fit.

Local yarn shops, let me be your partner to reach that specific demographic of worldly crocheting enthusiasts who are adventurous and active and want to improve their artwork.

With lots of crafting enthusiasm and years of knowledge in information technology, tourism, and promotional products industries, I’m an experienced business professional with a passion for helping small businesses and consumers.

That desire to share information is the foundation of this blog (which has become SO MUCH FUN for me!).

About my Marketing Programs and Video Services

Do you need a targeted marketing program? Take a look at these short video clips as an economical avenue for promoting your message.

Ask me about affordable promotional packages.  In my simple starter package, you’ll receive targeted social media consulting with a set of three 30 second videos. I’m available to discuss specific projects and work through the details with you.  For me, this is such a fun business and I look forward to building friendships with other crafting enthusiasts.

Easy. Affordable. Effective.

Let’s Cruise!

Have you considered launching an annual cruise event for your LYS customers? I can help! I have some degrees and certifications and 20+ years of experience in hi-tech industries. More importantly, I have the desire to help small businesses grow and I have the years of relevant experience at several Fortune 100 companies to make it happen. I’ve worked hands-on in several retail ventures, bringing real-world knowledge to every consulting project.

Let’s Partner Up for Success

In other words, when you work with me you are working with an enthusiastic partner who understands a business owner’s perspective.

I offer competitive rates for such consulting and partnering opportunities as event reviews and promotions, local yarn shop reviews, press releases for events or shops, crafting product reviews, and advertising on my websites. I’m open to other ideas, too!

If you are interested in working together, let’s talk! I look forward to hearing from you and getting to know you!

My email address is

Where to Find Me All Around the Internet

Join me on this journey! Tell me about your travels, about your crochet projects, and about how you feed your soul. If you have questions, please contact me at or message me on Facebook at Crochet Getaway.


Find me on Etsy…My shop name is designsbygwyn

I’m sometimes roaming around on Ravelry…My user id is gwyng

My other blogging site and the place I promote my travel writing projects is my brand page at




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